The Standard Agency

Among the myriad of dating options, The Standard Agency stands squarely above the rest. As the only major male-owned agency, …

An executive recruiting firm – for your love life.

The Standard meticulously curates matches that resonate with your lifestyle , values, and aspirations. Consider us your dedicated partner in the pursuit of happiness, employing the finesse of a specialized recruiting firm to architect your love life.

Your time is precious.

The endless cycle of the dating scene can be a drain on your valuable resources. With dead ends lurking at every turn, it’s time to step away from the time-consuming search and let us take the helm. Our expert matchmakers excel in doing the legwork for you, so you can focus on what you do best, while we find the one who complements your life.

We are real people, not an app.

In a world saturated with fleeting swipes and digital letdowns, we stand apart with real human connection. Our team comprises passionate matchmakers who dedicate themselves to understanding your dreams and desires, crafting a personalized journey toward your ideal partner in life.

We have interviewed tens of thousands of women and selected only the cream of the crop.

Imagine a place where only the most beautiful and engaging, partners are chosen — that’s the exclusive service we provide. With hundreds of thousands of interviews under our belt, we’ve handpicked only the cream of the crop, ensuring that every introduction is a step towards a profound connection.

The Standard Agency is male are male owned and we get it.

We understand the nuances of your expectations and speak your language fluently. Whether you’re seeking a partner with a ‘yoga body’ or other specific attributes, we deliver what you desire. Our matchmakers encourage openness and candor, ensuring that your search is as straightforward and successful as your professional life.

Let us talk you up…

The power of a personal introduction cannot be overstated in making meaningful connections. In the intricate dance of meeting someone new, we provide the lead, ensuring that your first impression is both memorable and genuine. Trust in us to extend that first hand, opening doors to new possibilities.


Swiping is dead, unless you want a new crypto trader…

In the era of endless swiping, meaningful relationships have become lost in the shuffle. Swiping might find you a new crypto trader, but when it comes to romance, it’s the personal touch that counts. We’re bringing back the timeless tradition of bespoke matchmaking, where quality introductions lead to lasting connections.